How to make money by getting a Mobile App made?

“All it takes is a good concept and a strategy.”

In today’s modern age, the key to unlimited profit lies in one of the most used facility – “Mobile Apps”. Now we learn that how to make money by getting your mobile app made?

Looking back 10 Years from now, we asked the locals for addresses & driving directions. We logged into our computers to looked upon the internet to find out maps, products and services and even to do simple things like checking out movie reviews and stay connected to friends. Ever since the mobile phone became a source to connect to the internet, the world has changed in leaps and bounds.

The rapid success of apps like whatsapp, instagram, facebook teach us one thing in common that if if an app concept is convenient and interesting to the users it becomes a big hit.

Mobile Apps – Safer Venture
Earning from a job will give you a fixed amount of income, a good startup business could pay you better than a job but it requires a decent amount of investment in terms of office, hardware, software, utilities, licenses etc. Mobile apps are way cheaper to develop and once it’s a hit you could make as good money as a good startup or even more!

Ways to Earn Revenue from a Good App

A big concern is how to earn good profit from building an app? It is important to earn and to keep going on and hence if this is the same question that’s on your mind, here are the possibilities.

  1. Paid Apps
    This is the simplest form of generating income, the app itself is paid but this is possibly not the best option. For a very unique and extraordinary app or game, this option works out but beware if any free alternatives are available. People would naturally try to save money and use a similar app if it’s available for free.
  2. Free Apps with Paid Features
    In-App purchases is the technical term used for this kind of feature. This is the most widely used and most revenue generating option. As per reports from , In-App purchases contributes to about 76% of all revenue generated in Apple’s App Store in US and above 90% in asian markets.
    Consider a game or app which is available free for download but a certain set of features are available only for a price.
  3. Free Apps with Advertising
    A large number of apps use this method for monetization. An app that is downloaded by a large number of users is very likely to benefit from advertising. There is no fee for the user anywhere in this the revenue is generated by the advertisements in the ad. This is a very commonly found practice one can observe in a number of free apps & games in iTunes or Play Store.
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    Mobile apps are certainly the best thing ever.if you have a good idea you can easily make money through it. Thanks for sharing this. looking forward to more.