The untold story of an Entrepreneur
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The untold story of an Entrepreneur

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We mostly Recognize successful entrepreneurs as "SuperHumans", but they're as regular as us, you and I. Maybe not exactly like us. I have read this line somewhere:

Real entrepreneurs who start real businesses that employ real people who provide real products and services to real customers.

It's very difficult and needs lots of work but on the other side you get to do what you want and you get to do it your way.

Why I am saying this today is because today is 13th April and our CEO, Mr Nikhil Patel has received his first-ever project as a freelancer and completed it on the same day. I am talking about 2003. He thought of a Complitech name for the company in his college time only when 4 friends were thinking about starting a company. But after completing college, 2 guys joined other companies and were happy with their jobs. Other 2 tried and failed. One of the failed guys got back to the job and lastly, only one left. He tried again and started as a freelancer. And the last guy is none other than our CEO, Mr. Nik Patel.

Today, he shared his story from being a freelancer to being an entrepreneur. I thought I should share with you all to just tell you all that not a single task/work is small. It's always the first step of 100 steps. You won't believe he got a $7 task and earned $4 for it. I know that's not even comparable to salary standards. But that was only a 45 minutes project to write a script which he completed in less than 30 minutes. C'mon, it's impressive as it was almost 16 years back. So, that client was his first-ever client and he did work for him for more than 4 years. He started his work in ASP.Net and then moved to PHP as per client's needs. He started this work at his home and then took a flat on rent. After that, he started to hire his juniors from his college as project trainees and then on employment.

It was almost 2006 when he started to learn Ruby on Rails as this client was now wanting to make a support system in RoR. So he learnt and taught Rails to other employees in the staff. In starting years, he was satisfied with just a single client and his work. But after some years he got the references for other clients from previous ones. You won't believe our first client referred to our 2nd and 3rd clients. That's how your work speaks.

Till 2010, Complitech was into web development. In 2010, one of our clients suggested him to start mobile development. In fact, he provided hardware for the same to the company. Moreover, he hired a trainer for us from Bangalore. We started game development initially. After a few years, we started making applications. And it continues. He faced many problems in this journey like working as a monster day and night, initially zero returns, stress, insecure income, bad debts. But these didn't stop him.

What does his story teach us? Sometimes, the best motivation is not what someone says to you, it’s what you’ve experienced yourself.

There’s no wrong way to go about starting a business as long as you follow your heart, use your common sense, and manage your stress in a healthy way.

HR Manager - Complitech

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