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Frequently Asked Questions

My project information is confidential, do you sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes certainly, we understand the importance of information shared by you. And, we recommend signing NDA before sharing any information. We can prepare NDA for you, alternatively if you have your own version of NDA, please share it with us to sign.

I want to use your services, what hiring options do you provide?

Based on your staffing requirements, we offer four types of hiring options:

Hourly: If you need small task(s) done, this option is most suitable where you just pay for hours spent by our staff.

Part / Full time : When you need total control over your team, you can hire one or more of our team member to work closely with you / your team. You pay for staff used on monthly basis.

Fixed price: If you clear about what you need done, and have a fixed budget, we recommend this option. We quote a fixed price to you for your requirements. And, you don’t have to worry about time taken to complete or going beyond the budget.

Will I get invoices for payments I make?

Yes, you get invoices for all your payments. Every invoice gets sent to email you provided us. If you wish to receive invoices to a different or additional email address, please contact us.

How do I pay you? What payment modes do you offer?

The invoices we send will have options to make payment for the invoice. We prefer PayPal payments. But, we support Credit Cards as well as Bank Transfer.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms varies depending on the hiring option.

For Hourly, you make payments on every Monday for hours spent during previous week.

For Part / Full time, you pay for agreed price upfront on beginning of each month.

Lastly, for Fixed price option, you pay just 30% upfront, and 20% on completion of project. Remaining 50%, we split and associate with milestones.

Will you provide free support after my project is delivered?

Yes, we do offer absolutely free support for 60 days after we deliver project, but that is applicable only for Fixed price projects. We do not provide free support for Hourly and Part / Full time options.

What if I decide to cancel project, will I get refund?

You can cancel your project at any time. We will only keep payments for efforts we have put in and refund remaining amount to you. And, if we have progressed beyond the payments you made until cancellation, then you need to make appropriate additional payment for progress we made. We can transfer all project files along with ownership to you as soon as any due payments are settled.

I have contacts, who need your services. Do I get any benefit for referring your services?

Yes certainly. Please get in touch with us to know more.

Who owns the right of developed source code?

We transfer all the source code files upon project completion to you. You own the complete rights of the developed solution.

Mobile Development | Web Development

How do you make sure that my app works well across different phones / tablets?

We have range of devices available for iOS and Android apps. Our Quality Assurance team installs developed apps on every device and tests it thoroughly. We always put quality first.

What is the standard cost to build a mobile app?

There is no standard cost to build a mobile application. Every application is different and unique in its own way and requires a different set of features and different amount of efforts to build. You can contact our specialized representative to give you an exact estimation of your project. We offer highly flexible plans which would fit almost any budget.

How long does it take to build an app?

Our expertise in mobile app development helps in building your application in a very quick and effective way without compromising the quality or standards. Building a mobile application can typically take something between two to five weeks. Applications with a lot of features and the ones that require certain amount of research may take than usual. You can get in touch with our project managers and get an exact time estimate for developing your app.

What should I prefer, a mobile app or a mobile website?

As a total solution provider we can provide you with both. Mobile websites are usually intended to give your business information to your clients, keeping in mind their accessibility and that they are browsing your website using a mobile device. Mobile applications are more functional and they give your clients the ability to access offline content and also take advantage of various features available on mobile Platforms.

I have the app idea but I am not a technical person. What to do?

We will handle all the technical stuff for you. Complitech will assist you in everything from planning and prototyping your app to submitting it in iTunes or Google Play store. We have a team of professionals that will guide you through each and every phase of development and will respond to any of your queries or questions concerning the process.

Who will develop the graphics and overall looks of my app?

The choice is entirely yours. We offer UI / UX design services to our clients and work closely with you to make sure your app looks just the way you imagined.

We do understand that some of our clients have in-house graphic design teams and some prefer to use third party designers for their projects. In such cases, Complitech gives you a very detailed graphics requirements for the project. You can get the graphics delivered to us in the specified size and formats and we will make sure that the graphics are implemented perfectly in your app.

How will i keep a track of my project’s development progress?

We use a number of industry standard tools to ensure you a very smooth experience while working with us.

Communication: We use Skype, Gtalk or Slack . Our concerned project managers will communicate with you frequently via these instant messaging softwares.

Project Management: We use Asana for keeping a track of development. By using asana you will be able to know exactly modules of the app are being developed, which are done and which are pending. Asana will also help you to decide the priorities of these modules and convey your feedback / comments directly to the concerned developers.

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