How music affects your productivity?
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How music affects your productivity?

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Music is a way of expressing, which can not be expressed by words. Music is a tool which is useful to do our work delightedly. Music can be useful for entertainment as well as fun and can be useful for people to create anything!! The late philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “without music, life would be a mistake.”

At the workplace, people need to do work with computers all the time so music can be used as a “performance increasing” tool. Music makes people awake and refreshes the mind which helps people to do their work more interestingly. Music converts a boring environment into a joyful climate, endorses a positive mood, builds team spirit, improves alertness at the workplace.

Music works as a Performance Increasing Tool

Music creates a delightful environment, so people take more involvement to do their work. When it comes to the part of measurement of work, music plays its best role to enhance productivity.

It’s shown that when you’re in that particular mood state, you take in more options, you don’t narrow your focus, and that is beneficial to creative problem solving.

Music makes Tasks Easier

When people need to do more research to complete some tasks which are repetitive in nature at that time, music definitely seems useful. So, we can say that people can complete their boring and more time consuming tasks within a certain time limit.

How does lyrics affect work?

Lyrics do affect the work. Studies on background music in the work environment have shown that music with lyrics reduces our mental performance at work, whilst instrumental music could boost our productivity. Another study shows when people are working with language related tasks like writing new blogs, articles; at that time, they find lyrics a bit distracting whereas they might find old songs pretty interesting because of their lyrics.

How do different genres of music affect you?

There are different genres of music like classical, electronic, folk, etc. People have their own choices for music. Some people like soft music while some like electronic sound. Different choices of music somehow affect work. Classical music is a popular choice and one study says classical tunes have a measurable impact on productivity.

Points on which you need to pay attention:


Listening to music is not recommended when you’re learning new things at work. The reason for this is you need to concentrate on the new things and music can be a distraction. It may be possible that it decreases your ability to absorb new things.


Furthermore, you need to listen to familiar tracks. If you listen to new tracks that you’ve never listened to, you might start to focus on the music rather than tasks. So, it’s better to stick to your favourite list while you’re working on important things.

To sum up, you are most productive when you listen to music that’s familiar and minimal, and when you listen only during tasks that don’t require your complete attention. Listening to music while doing tasks that require complete focus can compromise your productivity-regardless of the style of music.

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